Grain Trading

Soufflet Agro Rus performs the functions purchase of grains and oilseeds. We offer a wide range of seeds of excellent quality, the most adapted to Russian conditions of cultivation. All our offered seeds of varieties and hybrids tested (there is an experimental confirmation of yield in the conditions of a particular region, the certificate of quality and quarantine certificates)


"Our main goal is to provide our commercial and social partners, the staff of the company the maximum guarantee of quality and safety of our products and production to human health and the environment."


"Soufflet Group", the Department of AGRICULTURE in Russia implements its activities through several legal persons. Soufflet Agro Rus and LLC "Khleboproduktov "Gryazinskiy" (KHP) - two Group companies that form a logical chain of interrelated processes through a range of services for suppliers and processors. Soufflet Agro Rus specializes in the procurement of plant products, seeds, plant protection products and their subsequent sale. KHP produces malting barley seeds and implements the functions of postharvest processing of the products purchased, as well as its storage.

Companies cooperate only with appropriate selection of suppliers who guarantee the quality and safety of their products. We are constantly improving all activities in accordance with the requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2008. In its activities, we comply with customer requirements and legislation in the areas of food, environment and sanitation.


  1. To ensure compliance and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system.
  2. To continuously improve the quality of supplied products. 
  3. To analyze and to satisfy the requirements and wishes of Clients.
  4. To develop and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with Partners and Suppliers.
  5. Constantly improve the professional level of the staff of the organization.
  6. To raise the level of professional safety and health personnel.
  7. To minimize the possible negative impact of the organization's activities on the environment.

The quality depends on the approach of each person. Each of us plays a role, i.e., performs his duties and, thus, to achieve the necessary level of quality. We require all our employees to constantly guided by this approach. 

Our strategy is implemented by setting measurable objectives and periodic analysis of their performance.
The management undertakes to follow the POLICY of QUALITY, SAFETY AND the ENVIRONMENT, to ensure the availability of necessary resources for its implementation.


15 sep


Field Day 2020 was held in Otskochnoye vilage, Khlevinskiy district, on the base of Rechnoye Farm. Many partners, farmers and SAR friends visited u...

17 aug

Results of the online conference "Malting barley and malt 2020"

On August 10, 2020, on the online site of the BevialeMoscow exhibition, the annual conference "Brewing barley and malt of the Russian Federation 20...

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