Business trip to Malting Soufflet Saint-Petersburg

Business trip to Malting Soufflet Saint-Petersburg March 13, 2020, All

On February 26-28, 2020 (last month), Soufflet Agro Rus went on a business trip to Malting Soufflet Saint-Petersburg for its customers and farmers, the suppliers of malting barley.

Malting Soufflet Saint-Petersburg is engaged in the production and sale of high-quality malt for large brewing companies. High quality of malt is guaranteed by careful selection of malting barley at various stages: from the delivery of seeds to farmers, harvesting, storage of the resulting crop, laboratory analysis when it is received at Soufflet Seed Station, to its transportation to

Saint-Petersburg. Barley and malt are regularly checked for compliance with all the requirements of technical regulations and food safety standards.

The working program included a tour around the malting shops, where our guests were able to see the stages of malt production. The joint discussion was a great opportunity to share opinions with Technical Director of MSSP, Alexander Gladilin, and General Manager, Tatiana Skukovskaya.

Besides, the group visited BALTIKA, the hugest Russian brewery, and in the evening, a cultural tour around the city center was organized.

The trip was a great opportunity for both sides to communicate in an informal atmosphere, express respect to our partners for their long-term cooperation, and show the significance of Soufflet in the modern brewing market.

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