NOTE: CORONAVIRUS March 24, 2020, All

Dear Sirs,

Sufflet Group has created an organizational structure for crisis management in order to protect its employees, customers and suppliers in the best possible way against the background of the current situation with the coronavirus epidemic, while maintaining the continuity of already established business and industrial activities identified by the government as priority ones.

In this letter you will find information about the measures taken by Souffle Agro Rus to ensure the implementation of the main works of the spring period.


Elevator Provisions

We continue to sell and deliver agricultural products (seeds, fertilizers, plant protection products), whether they are direct deliveries to farms or pickup from our elevators and warehouses.

Currently, we are ahead of schedule delivering agricultural resources to our warehouses in order to ensure their availability in accordance with your current and future needs.

As for the collection, removal from the farm and delivery to our elevators, these works will also take place as usual.

In terms of staff availability, we leave all our production sites open.

Before you go to one of our elevators, whether it is the removal of goods or their delivery, we ask you to call your regional representative in advance (contact details are available, in particular, on the website to make sure that the production site is open, products are available, and also to enable us to prepare your order in advance and thus avoid risky situations in which the virus can spread.

Government has imposed barrier measures and strict hygiene rules are applied at all our facilities to protect you and all our employees.

We kindly ask drivers not to leave their vehicles without urgent need, not to move around the site alone or in a group, keep a distance of at least 2 meters with any other person and sign documents with their personal fountain pen.


Provisions for administrative and commercial personnel

We have widely implemented telecommuting. However, your operational contacts in our company (commercial service, agronomic department, logistics department, accounting) remain available to support work using regular telephone contacts (landlines and mobile phones), as well as by e-mail.

We have cancelled all planned events, at least until the end of April (technical meetings, collective visits to farms, training, etc.), and we will keep you informed about events in the coming weeks.

Individual farm visits are permissible but should be limited by strict necessity.

Together we must comply with the measures taken by the government to combat this epidemic, to protect your health, as well as the health of Suffle Agro Rus workers and the realization of our strategic and priority mission to produce raw materials for the food industry.


Irina SINYUTS               
General Manager, Suffle Agro Rus LLC

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