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Since 2015 we have launched a range of innovative foliar fertilizers under the Soufflet Group production, which is aimed toward crop yield maximization. A unique range of products allows you to exploit the full potential of each culture. These products have already found a wide usage among our farmers not only in the Lipetsk region, but also among the farmers of Central Black-Soil region.

We offfer to our farmers micronutrients fertilizers. Micronutrients are mono or complex fertilizers containing elements of nutrition in a form that is accessible to plants, which is extremely important for their growth and development. These elements can be contained in basic fertilizers too but often in inaccessible form.

Our innovative products CereaSTART, NitroTOP, BorSTART and CornSTART are the perfect solution for agricultural crops!

 On the platform of Soufflet Agro Rus, we conducted experiments with our products for foliar top dressing in different variations of use many times and we obtained data confirming the expediency of their application to increase the quantity and quality of agricultural crops.


Foliar fertilizer that stimulates the cereal growth and development of the root system in its early growth stages. It contributes to the development of production organs and leaf area of plants. CereaSTART combines the advantages of a high volume of phosphor fertilizer to the advantages of a liquid fertilizer. The foliar application supports the better nutrient absorption to the root system regardless the soil conditions.


Crop: spring barley, winter wheat and barley, corn, rape, sugar beet, potatoes, peas

Composition: 440 g/l P2O5, 76 g/l K2O,100 g/l MgO

Package: 10 l

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Foliar fertilizer containing slow release nitrogen, magnesium and sulphur. It is designed to solve actual nitrogen needs and also planned long-term nutrition of the plants. Height efficiency is insured without the risk of burning leaves. It optimizes protein content in the grain, improves the homogenity and the quality of the harvest and thanks to foliar use enables the leaf to assimilate more nitrogen than in a simple urea form.


Crop: wheat,sugar beet, sunflower, corn, potatoes, OSR

Composition: 300 g/l N, 33 g/l MgO, 67 g/l SO3

 Package: 10 l

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The foliar fertilizer that solves an actual boron deficit or can be used as a prevention of its emergence. Thanks to the sugar content (SORBITOL) the absorption and assimilation of boron is faster.

Crop: rape, sugar beet, sunflower, peas, soya, leguminous

Composition: B 9,2% (120 g/l)

Package: 10 l

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Specially selected composition ensures efficient and comprehensive operation. The high content of phosphorus allows for good access to this element in moments when it is not taken up by the root (low temperature of the soil).

The content in the zinc composition ensures obtaining comparable or higher yields with lower nitrogen fertilization. In addition, zinc significantly improves resistance to drought and disease. The addition of nitrogen intensifies the vigor of plants.

Crop: corn

Composition: Azot (N): 46 g / l, Phosphorus (P2O5): 400 g / l, Zinc (Zn): 155 g / l

Package: 10 l

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NitroTOP is an ideal product for nitrogen nutrition which is necessary for all crops.

Agronomy Department Leader – Consultant of SAR


CereaSTART is the starting product for plant growth and development which is used in fertilizing and is recommended in all cultures.

Agronomy Department Leader – Consultant of SAR