Foliar fertilizer containing slow release nitrogen, magnesium and sulphur. It is designed to solve actual nitrogen needs and also planned long-term nutrition of the plants. Height efficiency is insured without the risk of burning leaves. It optimizes protein content in the grain, improves the homogenity and the quality of the harvest and thanks to foliar use enables the leaf to assimilate more nitrogen than in a simple urea form.


Crop: wheat,sugar beet, sunflower, corn, potatoes, OSR

Composition: 300 g/l N, 33 g/l MgO, 67 g/l SO3

Package: 10 l




Why to use NitroTOP

  • in association with the last fungicide to optimize the formation of the yield and grain proteins

  • in temporary too dry conditions guarantees  immediate   availability of nitrogen compare to standard solid fertilizers

  • acts as a complement or substitute of the last nitrogen fertilizing

  • provides the rigth combination of nitrogen, magnesium and sulphur in one application 

The unique association of formaldehyde urea and urea guarantees: 

  • significant reduction of the losses in nitrogen by volatilization
  • high wettability properties lowering the tension surface of the droplet on the leaf
  • better foliar penetration and high sticking properties
  • a good physico-chemical compatibility with most of the phytosanitary products (no additionnal spraying needed)
  • longer liquide phase of nitrogen on the plant tissue surface than conventional-based urea products 
nitro top.PNG