Technical advising

Planning and organization is one of the key steps for the implementation of any project. In order to meet the needs and requirements of its customers, Soufflet Agro Rus provides pre-planning and support for the project. Experienced professionals working in the company, help each client to make the best decision that will help them to achieve their business goals.



Agronomic consulting services include the following package:

  • Recommendations for seed
    Working closely with manufacturers, our experts study the interaction between different factors and provide the client with varieties suitable for his business with the best diagrams and instructions for development.
  • The calculation of the full cost of implementation of the project in life
    For the implementation of any project analysis, planning and preparation of the business plan is the key to success. Our experts will help to calculate the cost of realization of your project. Maintenance, supply of material and resources for the implementation of the project. Cooperation with manufacturers and transport companies allows us to deliver all to the client.
  • The analysis of possibilities
    The main goal of our service is to improve the efficiency of the client’s company through the consolidation of progressive science and excellence of our employees and external partners as well as in collaboration with the worldwide research centers.
  • The calculation of resources and constraints
    Using our knowledge and experience, we will help You to plan the greatest opportunity of the project or organization, identify needed changes, technology, doses of fertilizers and seeding rates, and to prepare a package of action to achieve maximum results.
  • Support agronomist –​ specialist
    Support agronomist – specialist is the provision of a range of information and services in order to achieve maximum results.

Using our knowledge and experience, we will help you to plan the maximum possibility of the project, to identify the necessary changes, technology, the dose of fertilizer and seeding rate, and to prepare a package of actions to achieve maximum results.


As part of the development of the program for the selection of promising and high-potential varieties and hybrids, as well as for the improvement of crop cultivation technologies, Soufflet Agro Rus organizes agronomic innovative testing platforms, in order to present to Russian agronomy specialists the behavior of crops depending on the application of agricultural technologies (CCP, fertilizers, trace elements).


The purpose of the platform is to promote the improvement of the quality of products obtained during the cultivation of crops in the Central region, and to attract a growing number of partners interested in their cultivation.


In 2020, Souffle Agro Rus launched a new format of its experimental platform, located on the territory of the Plokhikh farm, which is located 80 km from the company's central office.


The experimental platform Soufflet Agro Rus, in fact, will be represented by an innovative mini-farm with its own crop rotation, which will test new varieties of malting barley sown by direct sowing under the SOILTEQ (sustainable agriculture) project with a unique SKY seeder, which has no analogues in Russia. Elite varieties of corn and sunflower of the SOUFFLET SEEDS brand will also be tested.


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