Negotiations with the world`s leading chemical producer BASF

Negotiations with the world`s leading chemical producer BASF Aug. 2, 2019, All

Yesterday a very significant meeting took place in SAR. Gabor Krasznai, BASF Country Manager Agricultural Solutions in Russia and Artem Vedusov, BASF Head of Black Soil region and Kaliningrad Crop Protection, visited Soufflet Agro Rus to discuss the most important issues for the next year, to get acquainted with a new SAR team, see its changes, new approaches and goals.

BASF is one of the largest chemical producer and supplier of fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and seed treatment products in the world.  No doubt we highly appreciate the partnership due to a long history of cooperation between BASF and SOUFFLET.
The leaders managed to discuss the results of the past season, its weak and strong points, expressed their intention to cooperate in the next year. We will try to do our best to achieve good results in the next season as our team is going to grow!



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