Soufflet Agro Rus LLC is a branch of the French company SOUFFLET GROUP in Russia, operating in the Central Black Soil region since 2006, geographically located in the city of Gryazi, Lipetsk region, with its own elevator, seed plant and laboratory.


Soufflet Agro Rus LLC performs the functions of purchasing and selling crop products, plant protection products, provides the service of an elevator and a seed plant for the storage and production of seeds of industrial and grain crops, as well as provides consulting services for agricultural enterprises. Soufflet Agro Rus supports its customers "from seeding to implementation", thanks to the professionalism of the team and individual agroconsulting in offering the best competitive solutions.


The company provides its own line of innovative foliar fertilizers of the Soufflet Agro line, aimed at maximizing the yield of grain crops, as well as an innovative line of Soufflet Seed hybrids, characterized by high genetic potential, and aimed at increasing the profitability of agricultural producers.


For 15 years, the priority strategy of the company Soufflet Agro Rus is the cultivation and supply of malting barley to the Soufflet malting plant in St. Petersburg. Over the long years of working together, strong supply chains of malting barley have been created and established, bringing added value to both farmers and Soufflet malting industry. Every year, the malting plant supplies 140 thousand tons of premium quality malting barley grown by farmers in the Central Black Soil region, under the guidance of specialists from Soufflet Agro Rus and French agronomists.


GROUPE SOUFFLET pays great attention to the safety parameters of raw materials and finished products. Incoming raw materials are regularly checked in the laboratory for compliance with the requirements of technical regulations and European food safety standards.



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