Silo Services

Gryazinskiy silo was acquired by Soufflet Group in 2006 and then its capacity was 30,000 tons of simultaneous storage.

During the operation of the silo by Soufflet, several investment projects were implemented aimed at increasing the storage capacity and productivity of the silo. One of the biggest projects is the construction of a seed plant and new storage tanks.

Today, the capacity of the silo is 60,000 tons of simultaneous storage. 

Today, the silo cooperates with clients from the Lipetsk, Tambov, Tula, Voronezh, Ryazan, Oryol, and Kursk regions.



Address: Str. Khlebozavodskaya, 7 - 399059 Gryazi, Lipetsk region

Contact: Nikolay Okunev, Silo Chief Tel.: 8-910 742 03 76 , E-mail:


Silo parameters

Total capacity 60 000T
Weight platform 18 meters, 80T
Reception capacity 220 t/hour
Shipment capacity (wagons) 100 t/hour
Shipment capacity (trucks) 100 t/hour
Accepted crops malting barley, feed barley, corn, wheat
Drying capacity 50 t /hour

Seed station services

Seeds quality is a major factor of increasing capacity of all crops. Only with high quality of seeds all potential opportunities of a grade and a hybrid can be realized.Элеватор52_350.jpg

To achieve this goal, we have:
  • seed station with productivity 10t per hour and modern German processing equipment Petkus;
  • separator;
  • color sorter
  • gravity table;
  • treatment;
  • big bag package.




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