The foliar fertilizer that solves an actual boron deficit or can be used as a prevention of its emergence. Thanks to the sugar content (SORBITOL) the absorption and assimilation of boron is faster.


Crops: rape, mustard, sugar beet, sunflower, poppy, leguminous and clover crops

Composition: 120 g/l B

Packiging: 10l





  • Optimized droplet distribution, very good retention, improved penetration speed (3 times faster than basic boron 150)
  • Decreased surface tension with BorSTART compared to old-generation liquid boron, which improves the spreading
  • Better mixing with other products
  • Lower dose rate (2 l/ha at the place of 3)


  • Selection of a new innovative raw material (PENTABORAT)
  • Micronization of particles for a stable, homogeneous formulation and a better penetration in plant
  • High quality formulation (concentrated suspension) with technological additives and co-formulants of plant origin
    (SORBITOL) for optimal assimilation.